Sherman Oaks Ralphs is Now Open!

Last week a handful of bloggers, including myself, were invited to tour (and post about) the new Sherman Oaks Ralphs which is now officially open! The community is happy and with good reason. This store is like no other Ralphs you've been in or will ever be in. Imagine the best of Whole Foods, a cool modern designed space, and any of your other favorite local fresh marketplaces all rolled up into one and you have the new Ralphs. It's an experience.
As you enter the store the produce department is right in front of you and it's large. There's even a new fresh herbs selection. Not only was it big, but it actually looked fresh. You know how sometimes when you're looking at produce, the selections look like they came from the bottom of the barrel? Well, not here. Fresh, extensive organic selection, locally grown, and sourced! beautiful
Sometimes we get so busy and thinking of what to make/ have for dinner can be daunting. You don't want fast food, don't want to sit at restaurant, don't want to cook, you just want to go home and have a fresh meal. This Ralphs has you covered. Fresh prepared meals you can bring home, heat, and eat. There's also a sushi station where you can order fresh sushi. bonus: they also have seating so you can chat with friends, have a cup of coffee, go over your grocery list, etc.

The bakery and deli is pretty impressive. They've partnered and brought in Murray's Cheese and Rustico Soups and Artisan breads in addition to La Brea Bakery.

There's even a healthy selection of gluten free and vegan baked goods. very important nowadays.
Most mainstream grocery stores have limited shelf space for "ethnic" foods, including kosher items. Until now I've never seen such a large selection of kosher deli, kosher bakery, kosher kitchen, etc. The store even has a Mashgiach! If kosher is what you desire, take a look here.

The meat department is my fave. As you know, when time is on my side, I enjoy cooking and trying new dishes. When I grocery shop I go to a couple of stores because the meat quality and selection at our neighborhood stores are not the best. Meat quality is very important in my house and we pay a little more at WF because the quality is better. Now this Ralphs offers the type of quality and variety we're looking for. One stop shopping, love it! oh and i love that they call the butchers "meat professionals."

What can I say about the flower department other than it is beautiful. It's like being in a "proper" flower shop. The variety and vibrant bouquets do not look like your typical  grocery store bouquets. translation: men and women it's okay to buy flowers for your loved ones here.

Expanded wine selections, gourmet food items, great parking, friendly staff, oh my! There's so much to this store and if you're local to the Sherman Oaks area, stop by sometime and experience Sherman Oaks Ralphs for yourself.
xo, jen
As a thank you for my participation and post, Ralphs provided me with a Ralphs gift card and gift bag. All content and opinions are my own.


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