Happy Birthday to the Eiffel Tower

Happy 125th Birthday Eiffel Tower! So many wonderful memories come to mind every time I look at you. So glad they didn't tear you down after the 1889 World Fair. Stay beautiful and as fabulous as you are. See you in a couple of years (hopefully.)
xo, jen

Milk: Marshmallow Cornflake Chocolate Chip Cookies

These cookies are ridiculously delicious. I've made them twice in the past two weeks. The recipe comes from the cookbook Milk by Christina Tosi. It's amazing and I will be buying it after returning the library copy. The recipes are crazy, brilliant, but may not be for those afraid to try something a little different. Never would I have thought to put cornflakes or marshmallows in my chocolate chip cookies. There's even a recipe for corn cookies...next on my to bake list. So glad to have found this treasure. And as excited I am, there is a little fear of overindulging in baking such wonderful treats. When it comes to baked goods, moderation is something I need to practice.

xo, jen
p.s. the cookie dough itself is incredible. I'm one of those that doesn't mind tasting raw cookie dough... don't judge.

The Music in My Head: Fragile

For the past several months the only thing playing in my car has been audiobooks. I wanted a break from the radio and hearing the same thing over and over again. It's been great for the most part because a lot of places you go to have music playing in the background. it may not be your favorite kind of music, but you still get your fill of music. The downside to this is that you miss out on hearing some new and fresh music. Take me for instance. I recently finished an audiobook and am waiting to get the next book in the series so I've been listening to music in the car. As I'm flipping through the channels, I come across the near end of a song that I'm really liking. I have no idea what the title of the song is or who sings it. yes i do know there are apps that can help out with this, but i don't have one, plus safety first, no phone when driving. The girl's voice on the song is beautiful, soulful, and haunting almost and then it's over. I did catch a word repeated in the chorus and put it into my memory bank. Over the weekend I used my vast researching skills and found the song! It was a great moment and was not disappointed one bit when I heard the song in it's entirety. it's on repeat. So without further ado here is Fragile. i think it came out last year.

via YouTube
xo, jen

Fun and Inspiring Library Loot

Look what goodies were discovered and checked out at my local library. Paper to Petal by Rebecca Thuss and Patrick Farrell is a beautiful, beautiful book, filled with incredible handmade paper flowers. Modern Calligraphy by Molly Suber Thorpe feeds my desire to grow my calligraphy skills. I've actually completed a few of my own projects since checking these books out. Both of these books have been fun and inspiring, but I must return them tomorrow so that they can work their magic and inspire someone else. What inspiring books have you checked out lately?

xo, jen

Highly Recommend: 20 Feet from Stardom

Have you seen this documentary? Last summer when we were having dinner out, our friendly server commented on my hair and proceeded to tell us about this great film she had seen, where one of the singers had hair like mine, and suggested we see it. I've kept the title in my mental notes and finally checked it out at my local library. Last week I watched it and absolutely loved it. The film is about backup singers, who they are, and how much they contribute to the music industry. These singers are truly unsung heroes. Music artists and the songs they sang/ sing would not have the power to move us without the backup singers. Their vocals are the final piece of a beautiful musical puzzle. Amazing. If you're interested, you can probably find the film on Netflix, Amazon, or even your local library.

Happy Monday 
xo, jen

As Promised...Margarita Recipe

Here's the recipe I promised to share, regardless of the results, a week or so ago:

1/2 cup of tequila
1/2 cup of grand marnier
1/2 cup of simple syrup
1/4 cup fresh lime juice
1 jalapeno, cut in half and seeds removed
a few slices of cucumber

Mix everything together and refrigerate for at least a couple of hours or longer. Shake and pour over ice. This drink has a really nice kick to it... not for the faint of heart :)
Okay, the results were good, but here's what I would do differently:
Next time I would cut down the simple syrup to maybe a 1/4 cup or so, the drink was a little too sweet. I didn't actually use cucumbers because I accidentally bought a squash instead of a cucumber (crazy.) I do imagine that the margarita would have been very refreshing with the cucumbers. next time.
I haven't made the Lavender Margarita yet because I just picked up some lavender at the farmers market. I'll infuse the lavender in a simple syrup and use it when making a classic margarita. This weekend is supposed to be warm and this might be a perfect treat.
xo, jen