DineMB...yes, please!

This is the first time since moving to California that I've not participated in DineLA. if you love food and exploring restaurants, i highly recommend taking advantage of dineLA opportunities. The last couple of times we participated, we were a little underwhelmed by our dining choices. it's not them, it's us...we just need to make better choices. However, while reading the Easy Reader yesterday, I discovered a pleasant surprise: Manhattan Beach is hosting its very own restaurant week called DineMB. It's like DineLA, but just 6 days long and for restaurants in Manhattan Beach. If you've been to or live in the area, you know that Manhattan Beach has really become home to many great restaurants. A personal favorite of mine is MB Post. unfortunately, not one of the dineMB choices.

So since this is something new for the city of MB and a girl's gotta eat, we'll be supportive and check it out. You too may want to check it out. Hopefully, it'll be great.
Have a wonderful weekend!

xo, jen

The Grammy Performances

Did you watch the Grammy's last night? This is one of my favorite award shows to watch. Not necessarily for the awards, but the performances. There were a lot of really good ones. Robin Thicke & Chicago, Pink, Sara Barielles & Carol King just to name a few. However my favorite performance hands down was the Kendrick Lamar and Imagine Dragons. The mash-up was brilliant! They didn't miss a beat. You could feel the music, they totally rocked it and had everyone up on their feet. If you missed it, check it! Enjoy.

xo, jen
p.s. I also love how Taylor Swift gets gets up and gets her grove on at these shows and supports other artists.

Booked: a labor of love

Over the past several months, I've had the privilege of working with three amazing artists Jamie Russom, Leslie Ross Robertson, and Janet Kupchick, on a collaborative book. Wanting to participate in the upcoming exhibit Binding Desire: Unfolding Artists Books is what inspired us to do something we've never done before. We designed, letterpress printed, cut, folded, and bound each book. It has been the most challenging project that all of us have worked on. We were stretched way beyond what we imagined. Seriously so many things went wrong. But guess what??? We're still standing, still really like each other, and we're done! It truly is a beautiful book and can't wait to share it with everyone.

Tomorrow is the exhibit opening reception and it's going to be amazing. There are so many beautiful artists books and am looking forward to seeing many of them. If you're in the Los Angeles area you should definitely come and check it out: Ben Maltz Gallery 9045 Lincoln Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90045. The reception is Saturday 1/25, 4-6pm. If you can make it, make sure to say hello.
xo, jen

p.s. the exhibit runs January 25-March 30, 2014

Bon Appetit Food Lover's Cleanse

Have you heard of the Bon Appetit Food Lover's Cleanse? Don't feel bad if you haven't, just learned about it myself. A year ago, my sister gifted me a subscription to Bon Appetit magazine and I've recreated quite a few of their dishes. Love, love, love the magazine!
The Food Lover's Cleanse has actually ended, but it's something you can do anytime. The cleanse is 2 weeks long and all about cooking more at home and eating well. You're cutting out a lot of stuff like refined sugars, most dairy, refined starches, etc., but adding more healthy and raw items.
Many of the recipes look tasty. So far I've tried the Roasted Vegetables below and the Spinach, Tofu, and Shaved Carrot Salad with Sesame Dressing and Spiced Pepita and Cashew Crunch. Both were excellent and will definitely make again.

Juice Cleanse Done

The 3-day juice cleanse ended a few days ago so I thought I'd share some feedback on the experience. First, I'm so glad I did it. Honestly, I wasn't sure that I could do it without cheating.

The cleanse for me was a great experience and I'd do it again the next time Pressed Juicery offers a special deal. Now I'm just working my way to a normal HEALTHIER eating lifestyle.

xo, jen

p.s. i haven't had coffee yet

Juice, Juice Baby

With every new year comes change. This year the goal is to be a little bit healthier. To kick things off, I decided to do a 3-day juice cleanse. Not to lose weight, but to give my body a little break. All the stuff that goes into our system and all the work it does to try to digest all that stuff (aka junk) is exhausting. Our bodies always seem to be working overtime without the overtime pay. Now it's time to pay the body back. Hey, it's the only one we get so it's best to treat it well.

So last week a friend shared about Pressed Juicery on Instagram. They were offering a special on their juice cleanse. It was exactly what I needed to see and wouldn't you know, they opened a new shop in my area just a few months ago.
When I got to the store there were a few customers inside and they all seemed to know what they where doing and what they wanted. a bit intimidating. When it was my turn, the sales clerk was great. She walked me through the process, made suggestions, and let me taste as many of the juices as I needed. It was an easy and painless process.

Saturday I started and it's going well so far. I've been to the bathroom more today than I've gone all week and hunger is starting to set in, but I feel good. I really thought I would have a headache from not having my morning espresso, but nothing, not even a hint of a headache. Hopefully, the next couple of days will go just as well. Have you ever done a juice cleanse? If so, what were the results? Would you do it again?

xo, jen

p.s. Happy New Year!