David Lebovitz Was Here... and I Missed Him.

David Lebovitz was in Santa Monica this past weekend and I missed him! totally beyond my control. This was a huge disappointment. Almost two years ago a couple of girlfriends and myself went to Paris and a lot of the eating portion of our trip was planned based on posts read on David's blog. It was amazing. He was spot on. We had so much fun trying to find our way around the city, trying new things, and relishing in every delicious bite. That trip was so special for us and for part of it, we thank David. I'm so sad we missed him.
However, I do take comfort in the fact that I was able to check out his new cookbook, My Paris Kitchen, at one of the local libraries. This is another one that will be bought.

It's a beautiful and fun cookbook. David is a wonderful storyteller. The book is not only filled with mouth watering recipes and some gorgeous photos, it's David telling us a story. The story of his life and adventures with cooking in Paris. He brings the reader to his Paris. This could easily be your night time reading material. I mean who doesn't want to be transported to Paris before they fall asleep. So far I've tried two recipes and will share them here tomorrow.

xo, jen

p.s. if you're in the bay area you're luckier than you know: David will be there this weekend and throughout the week doing book signings and dinners.