Calligraphy Workshop

Calligraphy is such a beautiful and timeless art. This past weekend a couple of friends and I took a lovely calligraphy workshop with Jenna Rainey. It was a lot of fun, but hard work. Trying to learn how to hold (not "claw") the pen took a lot of concentration on my part. Also, trying to write with your whole arm and not just your wrist was a bit challenging. We all left with a calligraphy kit and I've been practicing everyday since...I'm getting better than the picture of my first try.  It's truly like therapy. Have you ever taken calligraphy classes? If you're in the area, Oh, Hello Friend has been hosting some fabulous workshops.

xo, jen

Made :: Baked Doughnuts

I can't believe I forgot about this post. A while back I really, really wanted to bake doughnuts and went out and bought a doughnut pan. It sat in my cabinet for months. Finally I saw a recipe in Saveur magazine and decided to give it a go. The only changes made were the addition of green tea matcha and blueberries. The results were really good the day of, but after that, not so much. I mean they're okay the next day, but just okay. Fresh is best! This is making me want to do some right now. hmmm. Anyway have a great weekend. xo, jen

What's the Time?

Time for a quick and easy DIY. When we moved into our place, it came with one of those not so cute plastic clocks. Believe it or not, we lived with it for 3 years...dead battery and all. I'm not proud, but it's the truth. For some strange reason after three years, I felt the need to do something about the clock. First thought, ask the landlord if she wanted it back, but she was out of town. Second thought, clean it, and try to jazz it up a bit. So I pulled out my case of washi tape and went to town. Here's the result. It's kinda cute. You too can do this and here's how:

  1. if your clock is old and grimy like this one, clean and dry it first
  2. then decide a color scheme. initially i was going to do an ombre effect with the yellows, but because the kitchen is so outdated, this yellow clock would have dated it even more so I added blue washi tape.
  3. cut small strips of washi tape and line it up to the face and wrap it around the edge to the back
  4. keep repeating step 3 until you've wrapped the whole clock.
  5.  and you're done. hang it up and call it cute!

The tapes I used are from Target. I can't remember the brand, but they are not my faves. Some of the tape wasn't sticking well at first so I  had to make sure to press it down firmly. Maybe a light sanding would help the tape grip a little better?

xo, jen

Hawaii Part One

Thought I'd just share some random pictures from our Hawaiian vacation. Have a great weekend.

a couple of pics taken at the North Shore.
 a visit to the Dole Plantation
Hawaii is the rainbow state

pretty flowers and trees

xo, jen