Loving :: Canon Selphy

This little Canon Selphy printer is awesome. After reading many reviews, this is the baby I decided to purchase. The printer is very user friendly and versatile. perfect for my Project Life project. The photos print beautifully and it's so compact that it actually lives on my desk. Another great thing is that it's not a budget breaker. Since I wanted the white printer, I ordered it through Staples during a sale ($79) with free shipping. Another nicety is the fact that you buy the film & paper as a package. There's no guessing as to how many prints you can get and it's film so no messy ink cartridges to deal with. The package I purchased prints 108 6x4 photos. The best price (around $35) I've found so far is through Amazon. Oh, and then there's the convenience of not having to leave my home to print photos or pick up photos. Love it! Have a great weekend. xo, jen

Stuck In My Head :: Last Request by Paulo Nutini

This song has been stuck in my head for a few days now. do you remember it? I'm not sure what the song is about or how the video ties into the song, but the rhythm is nice and smooth. His voice has that raspy, scratchy, whiny sound. Hope you enjoy it!

Paolo Nutini - Last Request (US version) from shmor on Vimeo.

xo, jen

Loving :: Project Life

What do you do with all the photos you take? For a while now, I've been wanting to do something more that just store my digital photos. and not just slap them in a boring, non-documented album. The thought of going to print photos and doing a traditional scrapbook was totally overwhelming. However, awhile ago I had read about something called Project Life. Have you heard of it? Well, it's a systematic way of documenting life. The process appeared streamlined and seemed simple enough with beautiful results. I decided to give it try it at some point.
So a few months ago, HSN had a special and I ordered a kit. exciting. I chose to start in June and guess what? I ACTUALLY STARTED! I'm already hooked. Here's a look at one of my first Project Life pages:

xo, jen

Blinged Out!

It's official, I'm totally blinged out! love it. A couple of weeks ago I ran my last half marathon and set a PR for myself. yay, 2hr 38min thanks to coach K. Crossing the finish line and getting my bling (medal) was exhilarating. Okay, it's true that I've said "this is my last" before, but this race really felt like the end. In a course of a year, I've run 3 half marathons and am pretty proud that I went from zero to three in just one year. It's been a journey that I've loved and hated all at the same time. When I first started running, I could barely do 5 minutes before needing to walk and now I can go for miles. What I love most about running is that I feel STRONG. so important for women. If you've ever thought about doing a race, give it a whirl. I highly recommend the Rock n Roll Marathon series. They are well organized, huge, have bands throughout the course, and spectators cheering you on. it makes the run just a little bit easier.   

xo, jen  

Made :: Ice Cream Sandwiches

Last weekend my darling hubby was supposed to tell me that we were in charge of bringing dessert to a BBQ, but he forgot...until like 12hrs. beforehand. yikes. Thank goodness for F & E aka Fresh & Easy!
I bought a vanilla bean ice cream and a nice chocolate chip cookie dough to make ice cream sandwiches. We baked, assembled, and wrapped them just before leaving. They looked rustic and delicious. However, I don't know if they were good because the actual BBQing took too long  & before we knew it, we had to leave...without dessert :( My thought though: the sandwiches were probably rock hard since they sat in the freezer for hours. bummer.

xo, jen