Made :: Dakdoritang

Since we've been back I've seriously been craving Korean food. It's flavorful, fresh, and healthy. The foods I enjoyed the most were the soups and stews with tasty broths. Seriously, you could just drink the broth and be happy, happy, happy. Needless to say I came back happy and ready to try my hand at cooking Korean food.
After scouring the web, checking out Korean cookbooks at the library, and hitting the Korean market, I was ready. First dish Dakdoritang.

Results: my husband who's Korean gave me a 90%. Not bad for the first time, right? It could also be because he loves me :) Next week, I'm going to try an all time favorite meal called Samgyetang.
xo, jen

Beautiful Jeju Island

Every couple of years or so we take one big vacation. This year our spot was Korea and Japan. It was an incredible trip. Our friends even came to spend time with us while in Korea and then we all flew to Japan. so much fun. People keep asking what were the highlights of the trip and I can't really give them a good answer. There were so many things about the trip that were amazing. For instance, I loved spending time with my sister-in-law and her family, loved just being with our friends and their son, walking around in the rain, exploring places I've never been before, shopping, the museums, and of course, THE FOOD!
However, the place I thought was the most beautiful is Jeju Island. Although I've been to Korea before, I never got the chance to visit Jeju Island. It's like an untapped Hawaiian island. It's off season right now so it's not crowded with too many tourists. We explored, hiked, and ate really, really good food. The seafood we ate was the freshest I had ever eaten. This is a place I definitely want to visit again in the near future. If you're planning a trip to Korea be sure to try to make it to Jeju.

  xo, jen

Eight Years

Today is our wedding anniversary.  We've known each other for 18years and have now been married for eight. wow, wow, wow!
If someone would have told me ten years ago that I would one day marry my best friend, go through the toughest years of our lives to date, but would one day be happier than we could ever imagine, I would have said "you're crazy."
If someone would have told me that I would marry my best friend and after eight years love him more than I did the day I married him, I would have said "that's not possible."
If someone would have told me that I would marry my best friend, give up all my years of being "miss independent" and become a partner that allows someone else to take the reigns sometimes. I would have laughed...ha ha ha.
Well, I am happier than I imagined, I do love him more now than when we got married, and we are partners in this marriage and life.
Good thing no one told me these things because I probably would have resisted more and got in the way of my future.
xo, jen

Jet lag

For the first time ever, I experienced extreme jet lag and it was not fun. We spent a little over two weeks in Asia and have been back just over a week. My body did not want to adjust back. It actually took a whole week to finally feel better and sleep through the night. How do people that travel for work all over the world do it? They're like super humans. Anyway it's good to be back and getting into the swing of life.
xo, jen