2012 recap

A few memories of travels, achievements, food, and friends in 2012. All in all, overall, it was a good year. Have a fun and safe night and I'll see you here next year. xo, jen


Seattle was beautiful. It was so much more than expected, so much to see and do outdoors. While there, it rained everyday, but that didn't stop us from exploring the land. I suppose if you live in a city where it rains almost half the year, you can't let it stop you from doing things. My friend gave us a glimpse of what Seattle has to offer. Here's a few pick from our time at Richmond Beach:
cute baby pinecones at richmond beach
brrr...so cold at richmond beach
gracie and her new friend displaying great teamwork!
more photos to come. xo, jen


We're back! Seattle was awesome and beautiful! What was unfortunate though is the fact that I left my camera battery and charger at home (total bummer). However, I do have phone photos that I'm excited to share with you over the next few days.   

xo, jen

walking, walking, walking

I went walking. What did you see? I saw a...

I went walking. What did I see? I saw a...
What cool things did you see today? 
Have a great weekend!  xo, jen

RocknRoll Baby!

We did it! On December 2nd , (my birthday), me and a good friend completed the Rock n Roll Las Vegas half marathon together. Yay! It was fun and painful :( Mile 10-13 were definitely the toughest. It actually took me 49 minutes to complete miles 10-13, that’s how much pain I was in. Even though it was challenging, it was so nice to have my friend Joy by my side. She’s a trooper and very encouraging. I’m so proud of and grateful for her. The race would have been a totally different experience if she hadn’t been there. Her husband also ran the full marathon with my husband and they did much better than expected. i can say this because neither of them really trained for the race and they still completed it in 5 hours. Pretty impressive! Anyway I think I’m retiring from racing, but not from running. maybe 

xo, jen