Unfinished Project no.3

This is the last of my unfinished sewing projects and boy was it rewarding to finish. It really felt like a little load had been lifted. hip hip hooray.
The sweet little baby bibs were fun to finish. Currently I have a few friends that are having babies so this project came right on time. I can't wait to see them on one of the babies.

Actually there was one more project, but I couldn't find all the pieces or any more of the same fabric. It would look strange if I worked in a different fabric so rather than look strange, I scrapped it. I'll cut down the fabric pieces I do have and use them to make coasters or something small. Now that the unfinished projects are done, I can move on to something else. I have so much fabric. I thought about getting rid of some of it, but I don't think I'm ready to let go. There are still a few projects I would like to make, so if I can get through those, maybe then I can let go of what fabric is left over.
xo, jen