Learning New Things : Watercolor

Do you enjoy learning new things? I love it. Online learning is huge and although I wasn't a huge fan when working on my Masters, taking creative classes online is great. It's nice to be able to work from home, at your own pace, and also have instructor feedback. Now there are a lot of great free video tutorials online, but again, having instructor feedback and available to answer questions is so valuable.
Since watercolor is something that I find beautiful and would like to dabble in, guess what I did today? Signed up for an online class through Nicole's Classes! finally I can use these watercolor items a friend gave me. The class starts next month and I'm excited to learn something new.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend!
xo, jen

p.s. nicole's classes has 30% off classes until the end of April.
p.s.s. Tillamook is on tour and giving free ice cream all weekend. See if they're at a location near you.

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