A Little Cooking Help, Please.

Have you heard about it yet? No? Well...wait for it, wait for it...The Kitchn has a brand new "cure." Yay, it's the Cooking Cure. For those of us that enjoy cooking, but get "stuck" sometimes and need a little inspiration, this sounds like something that may be fun.
I found after doing the juice cleanse and part of the food lover's cleanse, I just haven't been as motivated to do much cooking. It's been much easier to pick something up for lunch and dinner. The downsides to that are: I haven't been sleeping as well and just feel kinda blah. everything in my life is the same except for my eating habits the past couple weeks. Why is it so hard? When you cook you're more in control of what goes into the body. It's easy to substitute and use portion control. The food is fresh and tastes better. These reasons alone should be enough motivation, right? Well, at this point and time, I need a little help so I've signed up for the Cure and am looking forward to starting.
If you're interested you can find the details here, but hurry it starts Monday, March 3rd.