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About a year and a half ago my beloved point and shoot camera died :( Since it was around the holidays, my husband upgraded me to a DSLR. Most of the pictures here are taken with my Canon Rebel t3i. Love it! The camera came with a lens, a 18-55mm. It's standard and does a wonderful job. After taking a class to learn how to use the camera (I could use a refresher), I wanted to buy another lens. The instructor gave me a couple of suggestions for lenses that he thought would be useful and that weren't "too" expensive. Finally, I took the plunge and bought a lens. Yay! Not the lens I truly wanted, but a lens and I love it!
It's a 50mm f/1.8 II fixed lens. I was amazed at how crisp the photos are and how the backgrounds blur beautifully. I'm still playing around with it, but here are a few pictures using the lens.

1. hanging lights in our sunroom 2. yoshi's feet 3. framed postcards in our living room 4. new magazines I've yet to read

Have a great weekend! xo, jen

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