Made :: Matcha Salt

The other night I had a hard time sleeping so I got up and started watching videos on YouTube. Love YouTube. Anyway, I came across a video by the Breakaway Cook making Matcha salt. I would have never thought about that combination, but yum! Of course, I had to make it like the next day.
As luck would have it, I had the ingredients to give it a whirl. I even had sel gris from PARIS! It's so quick and easy, here's all you need: matcha, sel gris (grey salt), coffee grinder, and something to put your finished salt into. I used a baby food jar

We tried it on our egg sandwich's and it was truly yummy. My next batch, I'll probably use a tad bit more matcha because I like it a little strong. 
xo, jen
please note: this is a finishing salt.

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