A Getaway to Desert Hot Springs

A few weeks ago we had a little getaway to Desert Hot Springs. Have you ever been? Well, there's not too much there which was actually perfect for us. It's so close to LA, but a completely different world. On our way there we stopped by Hadley Fruit Orchard (fyi not a real orchard) and the infamous date shake. It was really yummy. We were hoping to get to Desert Hot Springs early so that we could drive to Joshua Tree before it was time to check in. Well, that didn't happen. You know how it is, you plan to leave the house at a certain time, but you end up leaving a couple of hours later. So instead we went to the resort early. The resort/ spa we stayed at is The Spring. It is amazing! So small, quiet, tranquil, and very clean. There are no televisions here, but there is free wi-fi if you bring your own devices. loved it. My words cannot describe how wonderful this place was so I'll just share some of the photos I took. We're already planning another trip. If you're close by and want to truly escape, check The Spring because it just might be exactly what you need.

xo, jen
p.s. there's also a fabulous outlet center in Cabazon. this alone was worth the 2hr. drive :)