DineMB...yes, please!

This is the first time since moving to California that I've not participated in DineLA. if you love food and exploring restaurants, i highly recommend taking advantage of dineLA opportunities. The last couple of times we participated, we were a little underwhelmed by our dining choices. it's not them, it's us...we just need to make better choices. However, while reading the Easy Reader yesterday, I discovered a pleasant surprise: Manhattan Beach is hosting its very own restaurant week called DineMB. It's like DineLA, but just 6 days long and for restaurants in Manhattan Beach. If you've been to or live in the area, you know that Manhattan Beach has really become home to many great restaurants. A personal favorite of mine is MB Post. unfortunately, not one of the dineMB choices.

So since this is something new for the city of MB and a girl's gotta eat, we'll be supportive and check it out. You too may want to check it out. Hopefully, it'll be great.
Have a wonderful weekend!

xo, jen