Valentine's Week : Valentine Sugar Cookies

Most of us have go to recipes for many items. I always use the same recipes when making roasted chicken, lemon bars, chocolate chip cookies, etc. For valentine's I knew that I wanted to make heart shaped sugar cookies with royal icing. A few years ago I found a recipe on Inchmark that I tried and it became my go to for sugar cookies. it's a great one. This time though I would have to try a new recipe since I didn't have the cream cheese the recipe required and didn't want to go to the store. I was ready for baking right then and there, but it would have to be done with what I had on hand. So I asked a friend if she would share her sugar cookie recipe with me and she was more than willing. The process was long, but the results were worth the effort. my friends I made them for were worth the effort as well. I packaged up the cookies and brought them to church to give as an early Valentine.

Bake or cook something for the special people in your lives and package it pretty and you'll bring a smile to someones face. I packaged some with the striped bags and washi tape and the others I packaged in decorative baggies along with the sweet little notebooks.

xo, jen
note: the striped bags and twine I got at Oh Hello Friend shop, the washi tape was a gift, and the decorative baggies are from Daiso.

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