Loving Vera

photo:: Skinny laMinx 
Soon after we moved to California, I scored a set of 7 vintage Vera napkins for like $3. The design is old school and fabulous. Then maybe a year or so ago Macy's had a Vera bathroom collection and I bought a fab shower curtain and toothbrush holder. finally used them this summer and they really brighten the bathroom. And finally a few weeks ago at an antique market, I found another Vera napkin. It doesn't match the ones I already have (i think it's new, not vintage), but I love the design and it's in great condition. I adore Vera! Have a great weekend.

xo, jen
Vera Neumann was a designer well known for her both bold and cheerful patterns, largely on scarves. Her company partners with many brands today so that her beautiful work can still be enjoyed as a part of everyday living. Currently Crate and Barrel has a new collection of Vera products.