Oops...Made You Cute!

A while ago I picked up 4 chairs at my local Goodwill store. Plain, inexpensive, and perfect for our outdoor gatherings. The plan was to paint them, but I just never got around to it. So a couple of months ago, while at Home Depot, I came across some fabulous colors of "Oops" paint. Oops paint are containers of paint that were a "mess up" color or maybe someone changed their mind about wanting the paint. Home Depot then sells those containers of paint at a reduced price. The "oops" colors that I liked were the small "try me" containers and were only .50¢ a pop. score. Needless to say I bought all of them and FINALLY got around to painting those chairs.
  • First they were wiped down, lightly sanded, and wiped clean again.
  • Then I painted them with a flat paint brush giving them two coats. Since the paint was flat, the drying time between coats was quick. Although I used a flat paint brush, a foam roller brush probably would've been a better choice.
  •  That's it! I didn't put any type of clear varnish on top, but since the paint is flat I will before the chairs are used again.
They're so cute! Our guests loved them and so do I. Have you painted anything lately?

xo, jen

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