Loving :: Canon Selphy

This little Canon Selphy printer is awesome. After reading many reviews, this is the baby I decided to purchase. The printer is very user friendly and versatile. perfect for my Project Life project. The photos print beautifully and it's so compact that it actually lives on my desk. Another great thing is that it's not a budget breaker. Since I wanted the white printer, I ordered it through Staples during a sale ($79) with free shipping. Another nicety is the fact that you buy the film & paper as a package. There's no guessing as to how many prints you can get and it's film so no messy ink cartridges to deal with. The package I purchased prints 108 6x4 photos. The best price (around $35) I've found so far is through Amazon. Oh, and then there's the convenience of not having to leave my home to print photos or pick up photos. Love it! Have a great weekend. xo, jen