Valentine Roundup::Purl Bee

This week I'll be sharing Valentine's Day DIY's from some of my favorite online blogs/websites. Some are new and some are oldies, but always goodies! One of my fave websites is Purl SOHO. I fell in love with the site right around the time I was learning how to sew. I would just lose myself reading the blog and perusing their wonderful selection of fabrics and notions. Fortunately, on my last couple of trips to NYC, I was able to stop into the cute little shops to pick up a few yards of japanese fabric. They've since outgrown their cute small spaces and now have a large space in SoHo. Oh, but for those of you out here on the West Coast, they have a warehouse in Tustin that you can visit & pick up items. The hours there are limited so it's probably best to call before heading over. Anyway with no more delay here are two of their cute and simple valentine DIY's. Enjoy

1. Valentine Pins- simple and great to make with the kids for their valentine exchanges, make for your girlfriends, yourself, etc.

2. Valentine Pouch- so adorable. fairly simple if you know access to a sewing machine and know how to sew. you can fill them with valentine sweets or a special little gift.

xo, jen


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