Did you guys watch the Grammy's? We went to a friends house and watched. Loved it! I think this was the first Grammy show that I was so wrapped up in. The performances were great (minus one, but I won't say HIS name), despite some sound issues, the sets where amazing, and for the most part everyone looked good. The Bob Marley tribute, Justin Timberlake, and the band tribute (the girl from Alabama Shakes is AMAZING) were highlights for me, but this Miguel that came out with Wiz Khalifa blew me away. I'm totally OBSESSED with his voice and the song Adorn. Even when Kelly Clarkson got on stage to accept her Grammy, she wanted to know who he was and suggested they work together. That's a huge shout out. I downloaded his song that night and it's on repeat. Anyway in case you're not in the know, like I was, check out Miguel's video Adorn:

I also suggest watching his performance at the Grammy's. Hope you you enjoy as much as I did/do.
xo, jen
p.s. Happy Valentine's Day!