RocknRoll Baby!

We did it! On December 2nd , (my birthday), me and a good friend completed the Rock n Roll Las Vegas half marathon together. Yay! It was fun and painful :( Mile 10-13 were definitely the toughest. It actually took me 49 minutes to complete miles 10-13, that’s how much pain I was in. Even though it was challenging, it was so nice to have my friend Joy by my side. She’s a trooper and very encouraging. I’m so proud of and grateful for her. The race would have been a totally different experience if she hadn’t been there. Her husband also ran the full marathon with my husband and they did much better than expected. i can say this because neither of them really trained for the race and they still completed it in 5 hours. Pretty impressive! Anyway I think I’m retiring from racing, but not from running. maybe 

xo, jen


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