Made :: Matcha Green Tea Latte

Last week I went to my friend's (Jen) house for a St. Patrick's Day play date. I was the only one there that doesn't have a small child :) The kids had a blast! A treat for the adults were Matcha Popsicles made in a Zoku (I want one) machine. Yum yum. It inspired me to make my own green tea latte. Here's how I did it:

Green Tea Latte
1/2 tsp. matcha green tea powder (adjust to your liking...a little goes a long way)
1.5 tsp. agave
1c milk
ice (if you're going to enjoy it cold)
Place the matcha green tea powder in a glass or mug. Add the agave. Mix well. You should end up with a smooth, but thick consistency. Add milk and stir until dissolved. Taste and add more agave to sweeten if needed. pour into a glass of ice if you're having it cold and heat mug in microwave if enjoying it hot. Easy, breezy and oh so delicious.
note: I got my green tea powder at a tea shop, but I think you can find it at most Asian grocery stores. I also used vanilla soy milk which made my latte a little sweeter so no need to add extra sweetener. 

xo, jen


  1. Thanks for the recipe, Jen! Looks delicious. Now I'm inspired to make one tomorrow! And thanks for coming over to our green playdate - loved having you there! :)

  2. You're welcome Jen. Let me know how you like it :)